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ShenZhen PcbDog electronic technology company

ShenZhen Xin Yun Da Electronic Technology Company Limted.

We are a PCBs solution company which have more than 20 years experience in PCBs.
We can support you from design to mass production.

2018.4.20 Founded in Shenzhen
Registered capital one million RMB.

2018.12  Cooperated with several PCBs factorys.
JLCPCB High mix low volume
QiliPCB- High mix low and media volume,
Suntak,     Complex PCBs with low and media volume
Xusheng  High volume mass production,

Company Introduction  
We are a professional supplier of PCB products, providing rigid PCB, Flex and Rigid-flex PCB. The products range from Single-side to High-layer PCB ,  with applications of high technology-Impedance control, High Frequency (RF), Halogen-free, HDI, back-drill, heavy copper (12oz), super long size (up to 1.5m LED line bar), Rigid-Flex , etc.
We are supporting customers from QTA, low/medium volume to mass production.  Provide satisfied service and make sure customer's cost down is our vision. we shall be our customers obvious choice when selecting the right partners for their printed circuit board supply.      

We have a professional team and plenty of experience in ISO9001 2015 and IATF 16949.  

Our mission as below: 
◎Supporting all kinds of business types from prototype, high mix low volume  to high volume mass production . 
◎Listening to customers' damands and technology trends of PCB field, move in advanced, make deep coorperation with customer.
◎Investing and introducing the most updated solutions and technologies on Rigid, Flex and Rigid-Flex.
◎Providing DFM and Setting suffusion monitor, inspection sites and necessary equipment to ensure quality

Why Visit Us-What we can do?

1. Have a PCB challenge?

Get in touch with us, it’s our passion to design a solution to the most challenging requirements. We will begin by understanding your expectations and requirements.

2. Optimize your project right from the start:

Our PCB know-how and experience began in the 1980’s with the founders of CML Europe. What’s more, our most knowledgeable experts have an average of 30+ years of PCB experience. We can consult and support you and your team on design for manufacture during your R&D stage.

3. Sampling and Mass Production:

We pay close attention and special care to each project. That’s why we only work with a selected portfolio of approved mass suppliers – to see your project through from infancy to maturity.

4. Others support

We locate in Shenzhen of China, we have a huge PCBs factory resource,  on our technology and quality experience, I believe we are useful for you.

We will solve your problems in PCBs.

  • Best Cost

    You can get the best cost from R&D to mass production.

  • Good relationship

    Good relationship is  first, business is second.

  • 20 years experience

    Professional PCB team always support you from design to products 

  • Quality Assurance

    We ensure all products meet with IPC and IATF16949 requirement.