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ShenZhen PcbDog electronic technology company

We are a FREE marketplace that connects PCB factory with buyers. Buyers can list their PCB requirements in message boards, and left the E-mail or others contact method, and the PCB factory can send their quotation or proposal through the Email. Once the buy can finds the right seller they can do the their business in anyway they choose.

PCBdog is a great platform that show you the yellow pages which  PCBs factories in China  and  help you to find the PCB  manufactures directly , so you can cooperate with factories directly. Keep away of Middle man.

We are a professional team which have more than 20 years in PCBs fields. we are familiar with the PCB supplier chain in China.

So we can found this platform which help you found the PCBs factories easily. And help you to do buiniess with PCBs factories directly.

so we can :

1: You can have the well purchase price because all price are open.

2: Professional PCB team, ensure you have stable delivery and best quality.