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深南电路股份有限公司 Shennan Circuits company Ltd., SCC

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    简介:成立于1984年,主营印刷电路板、封装基板、模块模组、电子元器件等产品,是内资行业排名第一的企业; 主营:PCB、PCBA、封装基板、叠层母排、刚挠结合板; 2016年营业收入:45.98亿元 Shennan Circuits Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "SCC") was founded in 1984, with the registered capital of RMB 280 million yuan. Its headquarters is located in Shenzhen City of Guangdong Province, China; and main production bases are located in Shenzhen of Guangdong Province, Wuxi City and Nantong City of Jiangsu Province, China. In addition, the Company has technical support and sales service centers in North America, and R & D sites in Europe.
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    top100,PCB,PCBA,Moudles,component,PCBA,BGA,FPC,F-PCB,FC-CSP,SUB,SIP,High, 68layers,

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    Bussiness tel: 86 755 86001818 E-mail:contactus@scc.com.cn

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