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深圳市崇达电路技术股份有限公司 Suntak Technology Co., Ltd. i

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    主营:HDI、厚铜、背板、刚挠结合、埋容等线路板; 官网:; 2016年营业收入:22.46亿元Suntak Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the world-leading printed circuit board manufacturing enterprises. Established in 1995, Located in Shenzhen, Suntak is a leading High-Tech PCB service enterprise worldwide.Through more than 20 years' effort, Suntak has been developed as a public company operating 4 plant in china,(Stock Code: 002815.SZ).Sales revenue of Suntak in 2017 exceeded $476 million. Our products are widely applied in communication, industrial control, power electronics, medical instrument, security electronics, aerospace and so on. Most of them are exported to America, Europe and other Asia.
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    top100,PCB,high layer, HDI,Rigid-Flex,flex,rigid,heavy copper,embedded, capacitance

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