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深圳市深联电路有限公司 Sun&lynn

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    主营:HDI、软板、软硬结合板; 官网: 2016年营业收入:14.90亿元 Established in 2002, 3 factories in Shenzhen and Ganzhou respectively, total 2150 employees. Sun&Lynn is one of the leader of PCB manufacturer in China, offering one-stop PCB solution from PCB design to manufacturing. Markets we serve include telecommunication and networking , industrial, automotive, energy , security , healthcare etc. Main product in Shenzhen factory : conventional PCB, Copper base PCB, Aluminum Base PCB, Ceramic PCB, High-Frequency PCB, Multilayer PCB and etc. Main product in Ganzhou factory I: HDI, FPC, R-flex and FPCA. Main product in Ganzhou facotry II: Rigid, FPC and R-fl
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    top100,PCB FPC, HDI, FPC, Flex,FPCA,

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