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博敏电子股份有限公司 , Shenzhen Bomin Electronic Co., Ltd

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    主营:2-32层电路板,包括:HDI(高密度互连)板,双面、多层、高频、铝基及软板/软硬结合板 官网; 2016年营业收入:13.51亿元 Founded in 1994, Shenzhen Bomin Electronic Co., Ltd. is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in high-end printed PCB design and manufacturing. In the past two decades, it has always been climbing the peak of PCB industry, and developing into a domestic large well-known PCB manufacturer with Bomin Electronic as the leading enterprise. Our main products range from 2 to 24 layers of general double-side, multi-layer, high-frequency, aluminum base, and HDI (high density interconnection) PCB which are widely used in communication equipments, medical devices, military hi-tech products, test systems, aeronautics and astronautics, household electronic products and other fields. The Group has more than 2,500 employees, monthly output capacity of 135,000m2.
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    top100,PCB op100,PCB,Sub,HDI,high,PCB, IC, BGA ,line card, gold finger

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    TEL:0755-27308088 / 36615800 E-MAIL:bomin@bominelec.com International Marketing E-MAIL :International@bominelec.com FAX:0755-27323569

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